In the last few months, there have been various disagreements concerning the development of the team and the philosophy of the club, between the administration and our coach Ewald Lienen. Furthermore, the recent decision of the BOD to end the collaboration with Mr. Abder Ramdane, has undoubtedly also had a negative effect on the aforementioned relations.

Hence, following a meeting today between Mr. Lienen, Mr. Gallis, Mr. Tselios and Mr. Tsakiris, Panionios GSS and Mr. Lienen have reached a mutual agreement to end the contract between them, as of today.

This is a development we take no pleasure at all in announcing. Mr. Lienen has been a very important part in the recent rebuilding of our club. But like all beautiful journeys, this one has also reached its end. We are normally against changing the Coach in the middle of the season in principle, but the situation is such, that we feel this very sad development will prove to be for the best of the Club, as well as Mr. Lienen.

We wish Ewald Lienen wholeheartedly, all the best in the continuation of his career, whether this will be in our country or not.

As from today, (temporary) Head coach will be Mr. Joti Stamatopoulos.

Taking under consideration the above situation, the Club seeks for the support of those who care about it.